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About Us

Millions of people every year endure the impersonal world of “big chain” pharmacies - standing in endless lines, waiting days for refills, rarely seeing the same pharmacist twice - and they generally do it for two reasons:

  • -They believe they are saving money.
  • -They don’t realize they have a choice.

At HealthNow Pharmacy in Pinellas Park, we believe there is a better way. But before we tell you, why not read for yourself how other consumers just like you feel about independent drug stores? Take a look at the 2011 Consumer Reports article detailing how 94% of shoppers are "highly satisfied" with pharmacies like HealthNow!

Price: On average our prices are as good, if not better, than the big chains. How? We are members of EPIC and buy drugs at aggregate discounted prices with thousands of other pharmacies. And we are privately owned, so we can often set our own prices.

Product: We use the same suppliers as our larger competitors and have access to the same medications. Not only that, but if you need a custom compounded medication, we can usually get that done for you the same day. Need your medication flavored for your child or pet? No problem.

Service: We are a small, private pharmacy and we have a vision. Once you tell us your name, we’ll remember it. If you have special needs, we will do our very best to accommodate you promptly. Our customers are our friends: we want you to rely on us. Bring in your kids so we can say hello. We pledge unmatched service, and smiles, every time.

The bottom line for you: On average, our prices are the same as the big guys and our service is beyond comparison. Transfer your prescriptions to HealthNow Pharmacy. You will be glad you did. All you have to do is call us and we will take care of the rest.